Some car drivers add wreaths to their chassis, so you would be wrong to think a wreath is only for your front door. With 3,495 pins, the Christmas wreath takes first place, proving that this traditional decoration remains popular even in the year 2021.

The holidays are coming, and with that comes a festive spirit! Social media trends are on the increase this Christmas as drivers dress up their cars to look a little less bleak, and a lot more like the iconic red truck from the popular soft drink Christmas TV advert! People in North Carolina and more are decorating their cars in very festive ways.

A new study by used social media data to find out which car customizations have been liked/saved the most – either to look on-trend or to stand out in the car park. But which festive car trends are most popular?

You would be wrong to think a wreath is exclusively for your front door, as some car drivers are making them an addition to their chassis. Christmas wreath comes in first place with 3,495 pins, proving this simple and traditional decoration to remain popular even in the year 2021. You can see the full list and study insights here.

While decorating your car this holiday season might get you a few hundred likes on Facebook, it may actually invalidate your car insurance policy if you get into a not-so-festive accident!

The mere act of wrapping your car with a festive wrap would be considered a vehicle modification. This would mean you are required to inform your car insurance provider. Therefore, if you want to make a TikTok with the hashtag #ChristmasCarWrap, it’s best to do it in your garage!

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