Anyone can say they’re a fan of holiday music. Because everyone knows pretty much all the same songs. But, only the biggest holiday music fans can take Not-So-Silent-Night challenge.

The Not-So-Silent Night Challenge is a 24-hour stay in a holiday hotel suite that the website says is “decked-to-the-halls”. Sounds nice right? Here’s the catch: during the entire 24 hours, holiday music will be BLASTED! So really, the challenge is to stay there the whole night without going crazy. Yeah, good luck trying to sleep with all that going on.

But, if you do survive, you’ll receive many fun things:

  • 25 free hotel nights credited to your account
  • a real wake-up call from THE Lance Bass
  • $1,000 stipend for travel
  • and $500 credit for room service during your 24-hour stay

The application asks for some basic information as well as “How will you survive and thrive in the Not-So-Silent Night Challenge?”

Applicants must have at least one social media handle, be able to travel between 12/19-12/21, and must be at least 21.

You also much sign up for Rewards member before you apply. It is free to sign up here.

They also recommend you submit a video of some sort to persuade them to choose you. I suggest you do something holiday-themed that gets their attention. 🙂

Apply and get more details at

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