With the holidays finally here, many people are entertaining real guests for the first time in two years. If this is you, you may need a refresher course of sorts. Specifically, here are some tips for politely getting people to leave your home when the party’s over.

HuffPost says one trick is to start cleaning up around your guests. If you start putting food away and pulling out the big trash bag, other people will most likely start to get up and maybe even help you out if they’re really nice.

TV Sports Producer Lawrence Benedetto told HuffPost that he changes clothes to signal for people to leave. He said, “Robe O’Clock means GTFO in this household.” LOL!

Another tip for parents is use your kids as an excuse to get people out. Tell people it’s your kids’ bedtime and that should be enough to get them to leave.

Huff Post says in the Midwest slapping your knee and saying ‘welp’ and then standing up usually sends the message. But I think that would only work if you’re with other Midwesterners.

You could even steal a classic bar move by playing Semisonic’s “Closing Time” on the speaker.

Which method would you use to politely get people to leave your home when the party’s over?

Source: Huff Post

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