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The holiday season at the end of year is always a time when people want to give. Giving Tuesday is the holiday on the Tuesday after Cyber Monday each year. It’s the day where you’re encouraged to do something especially nice for someone. The thought behind the holiday is to refocus us after nonstop spending and buying for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The holiday promotes RAK, performing random acts of kindness.

SWNS Digital says a poll recently conducted on behalf of Vitamin Angel revealed the average American does 8 good deeds a month. That’s 94 per year.

But what do most people do to perform an act of kindness? The same survey revealed the top ways:

  • Be kind to strangers (55%)
  • Actively recycle (55%)
  • Pick up trash/litter they see around the neighborhood (49%)
  • Donate money to charity (48%)
  • Give money to homeless people they see on the streets (43%)
  • Donate clothing to charity (38%)
  • Volunteer (35%)
  • Donate food to a food bank or shelter (32%)
  • Pay it forward (I.e., at a coffee shop, the grocery store) (35%)
  • Donate blood (12%)

The survey also found that 52% of people want to donate more money, but aren’t able to. Even if you can’t afford to give money, you can choose to give your time, your service, or even your blood.

What is your favorite way to show kindness for Giving Tuesday?

Source: SWNS Digital

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