Nine in ten Americans planning to host Thanksgiving this year are looking forward to a traditional dinner, but one-third of consumers are, again, planning for smaller gatherings.

Let’s be real: preparing a huge Thanksgiving meal can be overwhelming. So using cooking shortcuts (like using premade gravy) can make it much more manageable. The Huffington Post recently shared some popular pre-made cooking shortcuts with professional chefs to learn if they were worth doing on the holiday.

The chefs either gave a yay or nay. Here’s what they said:

The chefs gave a thumbs down to instant mashed potatoes, store-bought and pre-cooked turkey, pre-made gravy, and cornbread mix.

They approved of the use of pre-made pie crust, canned pie filling, store-bought apple pie, and store-bought appetizers.

As far as canned cranberry sauce, you might be surprised. All the chefs asked said they preferred the canned cranberry sauce to homemade. And, they all said they liked the jellied kind more than a sauce with whole cranberries.

Do you have any food shortcuts you use on Thanksgiving? Do you plan on preparing a Thanksgiving meal this year?

Source: Huff Post

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