Spotlight Video of the Week


Transforming beloved childhood icons into murderous creatures looks to be the new thing. Disney’s “Winnie-The-Pooh” – which had lapsed into the public domain in January – was snapped up and distorted into a blood-thirsty cannibal (along with faithful sidekick Piglet) in the upcoming feature “Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood and Honey“.

And now, just in time for the holidays, comes the latest attempt at totally distorting the beloved characters of our youths – “The Mean One”, a horror-parody reimagining of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”.

The movie centers on the titular Mean One – The Grinch – who lives on a mountaintop high above Frazier Park and spends his time despising the holiday season. Cindy You-Know-Who, whose parents became the character’s victims twenty Christmases ago, makes her return to the village to seek revenge.

XYZ Films’ Manager of Acquisitions and Development, Alex Williams, issued a statement saying, “As a passionate fan of seasonal horror, ‘The Mean One’ is exactly the kind of film that lands on my personal ‘nice list’. XYZ Films is so proud to be bringing this soon-to-be iconic Christmas slasher to audiences this holiday season.”

“The Mean One” is currently scheduled to be released for free online on December 15. Merry Christmas…we guess.