It is so lovely to go out to eat, maybe for a romantic night out for two.  Perhaps it is a special occasion and you want a nice meal and a little alone time.  Well, if you go to these restaurants, you may just have a visitor at your table you really didn’t ask for.

The Food Network did a lot of research and found the most haunted restaurants in each state.  This time of year, you may even seek it out and you don’t have to pay extra for it.  Ironically the most haunted restaurants in North Carolina and South Carolina can be found on the coast.

In South Carolina, the study found that The Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro is where you will find some extra company.  It is located in Little River, not too far North from Myrtle Beach.  Patrons have spotted two figures they can’t explain over the years, including the Shadow figure and a Civil War soldier.

In North Carolina, keep heading north up the coast to Southport, NC.  There you will find the Live Oak on Howe.  It is described as a turn of the century home and the young girl that used to live there hundreds of years ago still roams the halls.  To learn more check out the survey from the Food Network right here.