What would you do with ALL this house?  I can barely keep up with my little farmhouse!  I guess if you can afford a 16-million-dollar house you probably have a budget for people to help you take care of it.  So fun to dream.  But this house actually exists on Lake Norman and it can be yours because it is up for sale.

The 16 million dollar price tag makes it the most expensive home in Cornelius on Lake Norman.

It is owned by a guy named Robert Stevanovski and it looks like he bought it about twelve years ago.  So who is this guy and what does he do for a living?  I can’t say with 100 percent certainty but I did google a man with that name and it says he is  “Chairman and Co-Founder of ACN”.

Wanna see the house on 1.4 acres of beautiful Lake Norman frontage?  Take a peek, go ahead!