Celebrate Spooky Season With The Scariest Movies From Each Decade

Celebrate the spooky season with the scariest movies from each decade in American film history!  Spirit Halloween stores have popped up in old Buy Buy Baby stores or Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores.  The days are slowly getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler.  Spooky Season is my favorite time of year!  I'll be watching a scary movie every night in October, as well as new favorites like Hubie Halloween and What We Do In The Shadows. Some My Favorite Halloween Movies I don't like too many of the classic Halloween movies.  Of all of them, I usually gravitate towards the Halloween franchise.  I never really got into the Freddy Krueger movies or the Jason Movies.  Scream has always been my favorite, even when it used to terrify me.  I first watched it with a group of friends when I was 10 or 11 years old.  That same night my parents went out and allowed me to stay at home by myself for a couple of hours.  I remember turning every light on in that house while they were gone and was only going to answer the phone if it was them calling.  Thankfully we had caller I.D.  Another favorite, and more for the cheese factor, is I Know What You Did Last Summer. My Least Favorite Spooky Movies Anything with clowns is a hard pass and has been since K-4.  We got to wear our costumes that day and one of the teachers was dressed up as the scariest thing I've ever seen at that point in my short-lived life; a clown.  My Mom showed me that picture about a month ago and it still gives me the most uneasy feeling.  It definitely isn't a movie for me, however Joker from Batman and The Dark Knight Rises has never bothered me.  I actually prefer to watch those movies during this time of the year.  Celebrate the spooky season with the scariest movies from each decade!  Check them out below!    

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