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Check out this new workout trend from TikTok!  It’s called “Cozy Cardio.”  Followers have considered this to be the latest and greatest workout trend on social media.  It’s a very low-intensity workout and you can do it during your favorite time of day.  The time of the day when you just want to feel…cozy.  It’s the perfect workout if you’re just not a fan of going to the gym.  I know it can also be a challenge to workout in your house, but with Cozy Cardio it’s recommended that you create a calming vibe.  Start with picking the type of workout you want to do and get ready to sweat a little.  I like a small treadmill that’s easy to store for this.  Now, let’s create your cozy atmosphere.

You can start by dimming your lights or adjusting your lighting to make it feel warm or calming.  Lighting some candles may be a fun option.  Make sure you’re working out in some comfy clothes.  As a reminder, the key to all of this is to still get a workout.  Even in your cozy comfy clothes.  Just because you don’t like the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t bring one of their features to your home workout.  Whether you’re walking on a treadmill or doing any kind of floor exercises, stream your favorite shows!  It’ll be a great distraction and will help you push through your workout.  Always make sure you’re hydrating and remember, the point of all of this isn’t to go hard.  All your body needs to do is just keep moving.  Check out this new workout trend from the TikToker who basically started this trend below!

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