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Another reason why you are always late is being referred to as “Time Blindness.”  Doctors from the Cleveland Clinic haven’t actually diagnosed this as an actual medical condition.  They actually use this term to talk about the concept of losing track of time.  Our brains are always shifting between automatic attention and directed attention.  Automatic is what we like and directed is what we have to engage in whether we want to or not.  Basically, when we get so focused on periods of our automatic attention we just lose track of time.  I am definitely guilty of this a few times every week.

I am always late coming back from lunch because I usually go home and let our dog Zoe out.  When I’m done eating, I always tell myself I’ll play with her for five minutes in the backyard.  Five minutes almost always turns into fifteen or twenty and I never realize it until I leave the house.  A way to help with this is to set alarms and reminders in your phone.  You can read more about “Time Blindness” here and watch it explained below!  This could be another reason why you are always late!


I'm tired of workers' rights not being prioritized in this country. And we're entitled for suggesting it should be different... I don't think so. #workersrights #employeerights #workers #capitalismsucks #capitalism #thesystemisbroken #fyp

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SOURCE | Cleveland Clinic

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