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Cutlery for sausages barbecue with a charcoal barbecue in the garden

I recently came across a very easy way to clean your grill.  My wife and I have a Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill.  It was ranked third as one of the best grills to own in 2023 by Good Housekeeping.  We got ours in the summer of 2020 and I’ve only really cleaned it a couple of times.  The first time I cleaned it was in the summer of 2021.  I basically washed everything with dish soap and while it helped, there was still a decent amount of char left on the grill grate.  We also left everything drying on a giant tarp in the backyard.  It was a process that took a couple of hours and I just kept thinking that there has to be an easy way to clean your grill.

Once the char on the grate built back up again I used a stainless steel sponge to try and get it clean.  It worked fine but it didn’t get as clean as I had hoped.  Using grilling tools to clean proved to be useless.  A wired brush can only get you so far.  I recently discovered a hack on TikTok that showed me what looks like the best solution I’ve seen yet; an onion.  The below explains that you get your grill hot and rub a halved onion on the grill grate.  The acid from the onion breaks down the char to the point where it just slides right off.  After watching this TikTok I immediately started updating the grocery list adding grilling meat and an onion.  Watch the video below!

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