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A young woman is browsing a rail of clothes at a street market

Save your cool clothes for your kids. One TikToker is gaining a lot of traction because of this discovery. She talks about finding a dress her Mom use to where when she was younger and shows off how well it fits her.

Older styles are currently in style so it might be a fun adventure to go digging through old clothes of your parents or even grandparents.

My Grandfather had a ton of rope hats. They hung on a wall as you entered their house through the mudroom. Thinking back, he probably had a hat of every color. They were mesh or trucker-style, with a rope running across the bill of the hat. Guess what my favorite kind of hat currently is?  Rope hats.  I have at least 5 or 6 different variations.  I wish so bad I could go back to my Grandparents’ old home and raid through all of the hats my Grandfather did wear.


Do it for your daughter haha

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