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If there is one thing that I could eat just about any and every day of the week, it’s pizza. I know pizza, sounds kinda crazy right? Well, it has always been one of my favorite foods to eat. I don’t mind toppings but I am also okay with just cheese as well. To me, that’s the ultimate test of good quality pizza. If you’re crust and cheese are perfect to make a plain cheese slice taste good, then you can do almost no wrong. Clearly, I am obsessed but hey what can I say?

Trips to Discover knows that there are people like me in this world with a pizza obsession. Those like me are sure to try pizza in different cities they may visit across the country. I know whenever I visit a place I like to try and find a new spot to try but if I see a pizza spot, I am 9 times out of 10 going to want to try it. Judge me all you want, but oh well. When it comes to pizza cities we always assume places like Chicago and New York. Although they may be great options, we cannot forget all about the Carolinas. In fact, the recent list from Trips to Discover names one South Carolina in the top 10 for pizza lovers in the U.S. Can you guess which city made the top of the list?

Well, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the must visit spots for pizza lovers in the U.S. This beach lovers dream can also be great for the pizza lovers in the family. Research shows that Myrtle Beach has over 16 pizza restaurants per 10,000 people for everyone to enjoy during their stay. With restaurants such as Extreme Pizza Myrtle Beach, Ultimate California Pizza, Mama Mia Pizzeria, and more! Check out the full list here to see what other pizza loving cities you should add to your perfect slice bucket list.