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Charlotte High School Allegedly Serves Students Spoiled Milk at Lunch

Local Charlotte students are going a bit crazy on social media after attempting to enjoy lunch at their school. Students at West Charlotte High School took to social media after they were allegedly served spoiled milk during their lunch. The TruMoo brand milk typically served at lunch can be seen in the video being poured out onto the tray. The milk seemingly comes out very slow and gooey, nothing close to what milk would typically look like. On the local Instagram page, @charlitt_nc, you can see what appears to be multiple students demonstrating what their milk looks like after being poured out. West Charlotte High School has also made headlines recently for their Black History Month door decoration contest that caused quite a frenzy. The school has not spoken out about the alleged spoiled milk being served as the social posts just came out today. We hope that not all students had this situation and it was just a rare occurrence.

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