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Commercial aircraft cabin with rows of seats down the aisle. morning light in the salon of the airliner. economy class

If I ever plan a long flight, I hope it’s with people that act as if they are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the friendly skies.  This is exactly what happened recently on a flight from Dublin, Ireland to New York.  An Irish folk band happened to be on board.  I guess they had all decided they had been sitting way too long.  Once the captain turned off the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, they entertained the entire plane with some Irish tunes.  Some people loved it.  Others were annoyed by it.  I would’ve been very much into this.  I’m already a nervous flyer.  I’ll take any distractions and all of the airplane bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey I can get.  Watch the video below.  Cheers!

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