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Front of house decorated fall holiday. Halloween or Thanksgiving. Autumn splendor

It’s the right house but the wrong party day.  Sometimes, we can get a little too excited about parties.  For me, it just gives me anxiety for two hours leading up to arriving or hosting.  We always try to time out when to get ready.  Most of the time I already have an idea of what I want to wear.  Then, a lot of times, I’ll put that outfit on and realize it’s not actually what I want to wear.  I’ll spend 30 minutes just staring at my clothes in the closet while figuring out a backup plan.  Meanwhile, my wife is also asking what she should wear and before you know it, we’re both swimming through piles of clothes that we just don’t like for the occasion.  Once we’re finally happy without outfits, she starts on her make-up and hair.  I’m usually the first one done. I feed the dog and make sure she goes to the bathroom.  At this point, my anxiety is through the roof.

When I’m outside with the dog we are usually about 30 minutes from leaving.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter what time we’re ready, we’re always going to be 30 minutes late to any party we’re trying to go to.  It’s better to be late than extremely early like this one couple.  They arranged for a sitter for the kids, got all dressed up, and even brought a dish.  They walked up to their friends’ house, rang the doorbell, and quickly found out that the Thanksgiving party was the next week.  It’s the right house but the wrong party day.  All of this was caught on a video doorbell.  Check it out below!