Alligator overstayed his welcome.

Are we sure we aren’t in Florida right now? Since when does this sort of thing isn’t supposed to happen here. But it did. An alligator had to be removed after it was discovered in a North Carolina homeowner’s pool. The animal encounter happened in Leland which is in Brunswick County near the NC coast. ABC 11 reports that the homeowner saw the reptile and called wildlife resources officers who were able to get the animal out of the pool and remove it from the area.

And this comes as yesterday we told you about a man who was killed in Myrtle Beach by an alligator. What is happening with the alligator population in North and South Carolina? Are just hearing more about it now that people are out and about again? I remember seeing gators at the beach in ponds when I was growing up, but I don’t ever remember hearing much about them interacting with people. And here I thought I was safe in a pool!

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As found by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission