Imagine being banned from the “happiest place on Earth”… That’s exactly what happened to a former cast member who was fired from Disney after making TikTok videos violating park rules.

Disney’s law enforcement banned viral TikToker, Jason Jeter (@showmelovejete) from Disney for life after he broke several park rules. These included engaging in any unsafe act or other act that might impede the operation of the Walt Disney World Resort. He also broke the rules by gaining unauthorized access or entry into backstage areas or areas designated only for Cast Members.

Previously, Jeter drank from a Disney fountain meant for decorative purposes only. He also trespassed into a closed part of the park, a wedding pavillion, which he then publicly posted on TikTok.

He made a video explaining what exactly happened in his encounter with Disney’s law enforcement.

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While visiting Blizzard Beach as a guest, Jeter was approached by cast members and law enforcement who issued him a trespass warning form. Then, they announced he was “banned from Disney for life.”

Have you ever been banned from somewhere? Have you ever broken a rule that should have gotten you banned?


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