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As I’ve done every Saturday or Sunday, or Saturday and Sunday since my wife and I have become homeowners, I did some yard work last weekend.  We’re starting to get into the time of year when any work I do in the yard also requires me to cut the grass.  On Saturday my wife and I played beer pong at a one year-old’s birthday party so I really needed Sunday to sweat all of that, uhhhh, water out of the my system from the night before.  We had a nice little married Sunday and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick-up a new blender, a new baking sheet and on the way to the register an “As Seen On TV” power washer.  Once we got home I decided it was the perfect time to cut the grass and tackle one other task.  Dig.

Here’s what I pulled out!

Here’s the size of the hole it came out of…

I didn’t have my phone out there for the beginning of what I’m calling “The Big Southern Dig of 2021”, but the before picture would have shown you the thickness of this trunk of this former bush.  The reason we had to kill it and dig it up was because it was poisonous to dogs and cats.  We have two cats that we take outside and one day we’ll have a dog, so we felt it was best to take care of this thing.  The overall work to dig it up was unreal.  The roots were bigger than my wrists and I didn’t have an axe to cut them away.  Thankfully it had rained the night before so a soft ground and wet roots made it a little easier to just use shovels and branch clippers to chop and cut the big roots.  When I pulled the trunk out of the ground I thought it could run a small car.

Like other holes I’ve dug, I was hoping to find something buried that was worth a lot of money.  No such luck, but the beer I had afterwards tasted like sweet victory.