BROOKLYN, NY - APRIL 22: A view of a puppy in attendance at 1 Hotels & mindbodygreen Earth Day Celebration at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

Whaaaaat? Another great job! This time it’s for a dog food company in the UK called Pro Dog Raw. They are looking for 10 people to wear a heart-monitoring device, and periodically look at puppy pictures during the day!

The company recently conducted a survey asking people if they’d rather look at someone’s selfie on social media or an image of a dog or cat. They found that 73% of those surveyed preferred to look at animals. So now, the company is trying to figure out exactly why that is. They have a theory that looking at pictures of animals can help calm humans down and relieve stress. So they need 10 people to try it out!

The 10 people they are looking for will set a timer every hour for 6 hours during the day. When the timer goes off every time, you must stop what you are doing to look at a picture of a dog. The company says they will provide the pictures for you. 🙂 Then, the heart monitor they will send you that you will hook up yourself will send data to an app you’ll need to download onto your phone.

The 6 hours can be flexible around your schedule and you’ll be paid $27/hour for 6 hours. You’ll also be asked to keep a diary logging exactly what times you looked at the dog pictures. They are hoping to recruit everyone by April 30th, so if you’re interested in this awesome job, the application is here.

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