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I’ve moved a few times in the last seven or eight years.  My wife has been very supportive in joining me down this career path.  This time it eventually lead us into our first house making it the first time we’ve lived in two different places in one city.  While you never really get use to moving, we at least know how to pack like pros.  Every box we pack is like a game of Tetris.  The goal is to make everything fit just right, while also packing in as much as you can into one box.  That stuff is usually safe and sound.  I usually worry about the stuff that can’t fit in a box.

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When we were moving into a new apartment a few years ago, a small incident happened.  I had to leave my apartment and go to work while the movers and family members were helping load stuff off of the truck.  I finished up about 6:00 PM and headed back, where a really good bottle of bourbon was waiting.  To celebrate the first day at the new job, I poured a tall beverage, kicked my shoes off and as I turned the TV on I noticed the unimaginable.  How could this have happened?  I packed it and wrapped it perfectly to avoid this situation.  The TV screen was cracked!  As I investigated it appeared to take A HUGE HIT to the bottom corner, thus causing the entire screen to crack in multiple places.  Since that incident, I move the TV.

Here are the top 5 most common moving fails according to Mirror:

  1. Damaged furniture.
  2. Scratched-up walls.
  3. Realizing something won’t fit through the door.
  4. Trouble getting heavy things up and down the stairs.
  5. Trouble maneuvering things around corners.

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