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I am 100% about to purchase some of this swag. I LOVE this kid. Do you remember 2014 when Vine was still a thing? Do you remember the boy who said “OMG I love Chipotle? Chipotle is my life?” Here’s a refresher below.

Oh my god I love chipotle.

This is from vine. Viners name is youngsofi.

That young kid, Roy Murray, is now 12-years-old and, apparently, his fifteen minutes of fame aren’t over yet. QSR Magazine reports that Chipotle is teaming up with the Chipotle is My Life kid to put out a limited edition clothing line.

Chipotle fans can choose from a short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt design, both featuring Roy’s famous quote. The quirky shirts are being sold as part of the Chipotle Goods collection. Profits from the line will go towards organizations that make fashion or farming more sustainable. Personally, I am a fan of snapbacks, classic t-shirt, and bomber jackets.

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