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Weird News

Champagne Credited for 108-Year-Old Woman’s Long Life

A Serial Killer’s House Is Up For Sale And Asking $459,000

Man Got Fired But Kept Showing Up For Work And Collected Paycheck

Homeowner Found a Naked Man Singing In Kitchen and Drinking Milk

Man Has Tweezers Removed From Urethra After Being Stuck for Four Years

Bird Gets Busted For Shoplifting

Woman Dresses as a Bush to Witness Sister’s Engagement

Woman Delays Flight for “Fresh Air” by Opening Emergency Exit

Boy Has 526 Teeth Removed From His Mouth

Flying Mattresses is a Real Thing

High School Drama Club does Play of “ALIEN”

We’ve Been Storing Peanut Butter Wrong All Along

Alleged ‘Time Traveler’ Passes Polygraph

Rave In Abandoned Toys “R” Us Turns Into A Police Raid

This Dog Hoards Money And It’s Too Cute To Be Mad!

Father Being Charged After Scaring His Daughter With A Clown Mask

Why Did Hundreds Of Pizzas Scatter Across An Arkansas Highway?

Everyone is Falling in Love With This Enormous Cat

Sausage Crashes on Couple’s Roof

Older Woman Throws These Into Plane Engine For “Good Luck”

Rescued Blind Cat Stuns Everyone With its Eyes

A Young Student’s Love for Papa John’s Gets Her Into Yale

The Weird Tale of Ireland’s ‘Lost Beach’