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In a bit of a reverse Goldilocks scenario, a California family discovered that five bears had found their home just right.

The South Lake Tahoe residents had been hearing “some odd rumbling, snoring-like noises” throughout the winter. They had been ignoring the mysterious sounds because they “simply didn’t make sense.”  The neighbors even suggested they might be imagining things.

But the sounds were very real, and there was a logical explanation. Bears hibernating in the crawl space underneath the house.

When the bears ― a mother and four young bears around a year old ― woke up, the human residents of the home “could no longer deny there was probably a bear under the house,” the BEAR FB group wrote.

But even then, they didn’t suspect there were so many.

The BEAR League then “un-invited Mama Bear,” a process Bryant said involved “being territorial and scary, thereby making the bear believe it’s not going to be safe there anymore.” She emphasized that volunteers never physically hurt bears, though “sometimes we do hurt their feelings.”

Once the mother was roused out of the crawl space, she called back to the cubs and they followed her out.

Link: Huffington Post