War Of The Roses: He Sends It To The Neighbor But It's Not Cheating...

Zoey is suspicious of her boyfriend, Matt, after noticing that he's been cleaning the house more often and the house has started smelling like a perfume that isn't hers. She hasn't confronted him about it but wants to do War Of The Roses. Matt ends up sending the roses to the neighbor, but Zoey is…

Roy Bought His Sister WHAT For Christmas?

Roy got a phone call from his mom yesterday while we were planning for the show and while he was telling her what he got his sister for Christmas she stopped him dead in his tracks to say there was absolutely NO WAY he could follow through with the gift.

Which Is The Right Way To Sing "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?"

Roy shared a story with us this morning about carolers he came across in Charlotte. They were singing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer but they were singing it in a way that he had never heard before, which we then learned there are about 100 different ways to sing that song.

MRL Show Replay 12-17

Today's show we talked a lot about Christmas related stuff being it is only 1 week away! Unfortuanetely Lauren wasn't in today but that didnt stop us from PLaying her famous game. This time though we got santa involved. Tune in to todays podcast to here all that and more!