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You heard LauRen’s List: Signs They’re Dating For Marriage this morning on the air. Some people have a fear of commitment and just want something casual. Other people are seriously looking for “The One.” So how do you know if the person you’re interested in is “The One” or not? If they’re really into you and can see marrying you in their future, here are some things they’ll already be doing for you. YourTango says to look out for these traits!

  1. They protect you.
  2. They follow through with their promises.
  3. They’re genuinely remorseful if they’ve hurt you and take steps to show they’ve changed.
  4. They prioritize you.
  5. They show up to dates on time.
  6. They reply to your texts promptly and with more than just a one-word sentence.
  7. They try to impress you.
  8. They open up.
  9. They ask for your opinion and take it into consideration.
  10. They introduce you to everyone they know and show you off.

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