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These Lesser Known Jobs Pay Surprising Well

We can’t all be surgeons, rocket scientists and CEOs, but it turns out, you can earn a decent salary doing jobs you may have never even known existed. Reddit is revealing some of them in a post that asks, “What are weird jobs that nobody knows about but they pay well?” Thousands of people have chimed in and I grabbed some of the top responses. I Googled each job's salary. Honestly, I was surprised, at how well some of these jobs pay. "I once met a professional ice sculptor who made a killing at corporate events and weddings. It's a niche skill, but the pay is pretty impressive!" 100k plus. "My sister-in-law is 'the nose' for Yankee Candle. When a vat of scented wax is ready, she sniffs it." 65k. "I make teeth on a computer. I use a CAD/CAM program to design crowns and bridges for dental laboratories. I work remotely and do pretty well." 75k. "My dad was a master flavorist. He made artificial flavors for candy, beverages, and lots of other things. He made a LOT of money during his career." 150k plus. "You ever heard of an urban bat tracker? That's me. My job is a blend of science and solitude. Armed with detectors that translate bat echolocation into something audible, I map their flight, study their behavior, and contribute to research that's vital for urban ecosystem conservation." 85k. "An old neighbor of mine was a picture-hanging specialist contracted by many museums. He made $75K a year at the time (about $150K, adjusted for inflation)." "I'm a trash man. I get paid well to work out." 65k and more with holiday and OT pay. "Pet food companies have a staff of human people to taste test the food. For obvious reasons, this pays pretty well, I hear." 55k. "Air traffic control doesn’t need a degree and does pretty well. There are downsides, but with the extra pay, I do almost $200K. Also, I can retire with a pension at 50."

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