Young group of people having fun cheering with beer outdoor at bar restaurant - Soft focus on right hand holding glass

Do you enjoy a good beer? From opening a cold one to drinking from the tap, beer can be some of the go-to drinks for a lot of people. Beer drinkers tend to have a very specific taste when it comes to the beer they like. They like what they like and they certainly don’t like, what they don’t like. In a recent report, Shane Co. went on to determine the most popular type of beer in every state.

In order to determine the ranking, they used Google Trends to identify search terms and gather the information. The most popular beer in each state might catch you by surprise. The information found was based on Google Trends regarding beer over the last 5 years. North Carolina, its favorite beer type is Porter. Now, I am not really a beer drinker so I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. South Carolina, its favorite beer type is Pale Lager. Drinking beer is a good time from hanging with friends or family. After learning the information for each state, they also went on to see the most popular beer overall. Porter took home the win with 8 states taking it as their favorite. Coming in second is Pale Lager with 6 different states naming it No. 1.

If you are interested in seeing all of the other states’ favorite types of beer. Check out the full article here.