Tis the season of Christmas movies and all things holiday joy! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to enjoy the Christmas prep and gear up for the big day. One of the best parts of that is curling up on the couch, enjoying cookies, and watching some Christmas movies. Nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and a Christmas movie to cheer us all up right now. But, ever wondered what are some of the top Christmas movies? We all have our favorites, but it is nice to see which ones are the best in each state.

VV Daily Press releases information on the most popular Christmas movies in every state. And, the results are in! Using data from Rotten Tomatoes and Google Trends, they compiled the list to determine which Christmas movies are the best in each state. From Rudolph to Elf to The Polar Express, there are so many movie options to enjoy this holiday season. So, what are the highest-ranked movies in North and South Carolina? My favorite and classic, The Polar Express, took home the No. 1 spot for both North and South Carolina. I mean, what is better than a magical train ride, dancing waitresses, and an amazing story?

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