American Alligator swimming in the spring swamp in Texas

We all know the Carolinas love their alligators. You see them in neighborhoods, in the country, in water, in parks, everywhere! South Carolin alligators spend their time strolling through the state, but not all year long. You may have noticed that you have not seen as many alligators as normal. Are you wondering where your crawling friends have gone?

Island Packet is discussing where the alligators in South Carolina are headed this time of year. It’s getting cooler, so of course, they are slowly starting to disappear from our sight. Many warm-blooded animals are heading into hibernation during these colder months. But, alligators are cold-blooded reptiles and do things a bit differently. Just like snakes, alligators in South Carolina are heading into brumation. Alligators are not fans of the cold, so they are off looking to warm themselves. They conserve their energy during this time. Brumation is the time for these animals to conserve their energy by metabolic and physiological processes slowing down. Wonder what would happen if we all had a brumation period during the cold?

Alligators are quite unique animals. Although we may be happy to not have to worry about them for now, it is nice to know more about them to understand. Check out the full story here for more information.

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