Fast food and a diner experience are what you'll find at the Midnight Diner. All of the items on the menu from burgers and fries to a plate of eggs and buttermilk pancakes are served 24/7. You can even grab a cup of hot coffee or cold beer at this fast-acting food joint. 

Here again with another foodie favorite! That’s right, we’re trying to determine what is North Carolina’s best signature food. When we say signature, we are talking about food that is for more delicious in that state. It is home to that state and brings out a uniqueness that only that state can do! Far and Wide compiled a list to determine the best signature food in each state and the results are IN!

It’s kind of cool to think about signature foods that we may be used to enjoying and then realize some states don’t eat the same way. Sometimes you visit a state and realize the things that you enjoy are not even served in some states. How wild is that? Well, according to Far and Wide, North Carolina’s signature food is fried green tomatoes. Now, this is one thing I  can certainly agree on. I did not really get into fried green tomatoes until recently, but now I get so excited whenever I see them on the menu. I enjoy almost everything that is fried, so that is not much of a shocker. Fried to a golden crisp, fried green tomatoes will melt your little heart with every crunchy bite.

Now, where should you go to find a good fried green tomato in North Carolina? Far and Wide says you don’t have to travel far because they’re naming Charlotte as the go-to spot for fried green tomatoes. They name Dish as the best spot to get your fried green tomatoes in the entire state. I have never been to Dish, but I bet you I will be trying them out soon! Know of any other spots with great fried green tomatoes in North Carolina? Let me know ASAP!

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