Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for Durkin Entertainment

When my dogs Gypsy and Maxwell were alive, they had their own Instagram page called ‘Gypsy and Max The Jacks’. Since they were both Jack Russell’s, it worked. I haven’t made an account for Kramer and Eddy, but maybe I should! A woman in the Charlotte area is going viral for her Instagram page featuring her dogs and it is absolutely adorable!

According to WCNC, Megan Futterer features her two cute doggos on the Instagram page our_doodle_boone. Futterer dresses up her dogs in costumes and takes pics for the account. She set up a photography studio in her garage, and the pictures of her dogs have folks falling in love.

She says her success on Instagram began when she got her first dog Boone. She wanted to share pics with family and friends. Then on ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ she decided to dress Boone up in some cute work clothes. That picture started it all for her.

On the Instagram account, you can see Futterer’s pictures of both her dogs, Boone and Baylor. The pictures are great and her dogs are just precious! They definitely have the modeling thing down pat. Honestly, these dogs almost look like stuffed animals. Too cute!

We all see so many depressing things online now, it’s awesome that someone is creating happy content. I’ve started following the page and I must say, the outfits and the pictures are perfect! The breast cancer awareness pic is kick ass!

Futterer has gained so much attention from her page that she’s even started a side business as a dog photographer. I may have to hit her up! Kramer is VERY handsome and has model potential for sure!