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Imagine this. Pro fishermen caught stuffing catches with lead weights to win! You want to win a fishing tournament so bad, you cheat to win. Two fishermen were caught cheating in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship tournament on Friday. Chase Cominsky from Pennsylvania and Ohio’s Jake Runyon brought in a fish that weighed almost 33 pounds. It was almost double the second-place fish, so judges decided to gut the fish.

When they did, they found several lead balls the two stuck into the fish to win the title. They were disqualified and the $5k in prize money was stripped from them. The pair have previously won several tournaments. The cheaters won last year’s Lake Erie Fall Brawl where they were disqualified before they could claim the $100k prize when one of the men failed a polygraph test!

Dudes will do anything to win! SMH.

Check out the pictures from the event the Daily Mail  posted. I mean look at these die-hards lol.