Getting catfished was the ultimate topic of yesterday’s show.

Maney and Producer Nicole have seen the ‘Untold’ docuseries on Netflix where Manti Te’o basically had his life ruined because he was catfished for years and now is telling his truth. Talking about this show prompted Producer Nicole to share her story with the subject.

Who remembers Myspace? Well for all of our 90’s babies, you probably remember the transition from Myspace to Facebook back in High School at some point. Somebody from Producer Nicole’s high school catfished somebody else in a different city pretending to be Nicole. Not just using her photos, but actually taking on her life and what they knew about her. One day in high school Producer Nicole got a Facebook message from the woman who was being catfished, accusing Nicole of being a “fake Nicole.”

Spoiler alert, Producer Nicole is the real Nicole but the story is hilarious!

Listen and watch below: