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I’m guilty of this. I’ve talked about it on air how I think it’s ok to break up with someone over text. Breaking up with someone over text should be a last resort option and not the default way of dumping someone. But there are some instances where it can be necessary. Here are four times it may be ok to break up with someone over text from Popwow.

  1. When you’re afraid they’ll cause a scene. Breakups can be dramatic but there are some people who are a bit more on the dramatic side than others. And if that scene is flipping out in the middle of a restaurant or starting a fight where neighbors may get concerned, sending up a breakup text can be understandable.
  2. You’ve tried breaking up with them before. If you’ve already tried sitting down and talking, and then feeling bad and don’t end the relationship, a kindly-worded text may be the way for you to finally end things.
  3. If you feel unsafe. Safety should always be the number one concern. If your partner has already shown violent or verbally abusive tendencies, texting that you want to end things may be the safest option for you.
  4. If your other option is ghosting. Ghosting has become common but it still isn’t the right things to do. Don’t leave them hanging with a bunch of questions, at least send a text telling them that you don’t want to move forward with them.