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A third of Americans would burn down their home because of bugs according to a new study by SWNS Digital.

People react in all different ways when they find bugs in their house, and there are some people that are so grossed out by the thought they’d be willing to do anything, and we mean anything, to get them out.

A new survey finds:

  • 66% of Americans say they’d be willing to do “nearly anything” to get rid or bugs in their home.
  • That includes:
    • Fumigating the entire home (51%)
    • Putting glue traps in every corner (46%)
    • Using a whole can of bug spray all at once (43%)
  • But while those actions are reasonable, some are a bit more extreme.
  • In fact, 34% of people say they thought about burning down their home because of a bug infestation.
  • Another 52% considered moving because of bugs.
  • And believe it or not, 69% of those who considered moving because of bugs actually packed up their things and moved.
  • 62% of people insist bugs are the worst things to deal with in their home.
  • The worst rooms to find bugs include:
    • The bedroom (22%)
    • Kitchen (22%)
    • Bathroom (16%)
  • Some people hate bugs so much they’d rather deal with other home issues than bugs, including:
    • Broken appliances (29%)
    • Creaky floors (26%)
    • Broken windows (26%)
    • Not having TV connections (25%)
    • Rodents (24%)