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To all my fellow contact wearers out there, I have a feeling you will be able to relate to this struggle!

Producer Nicole Blog

I’ve been wearing contacts pretty much my entire life. I honestly feel legally blind without them in! Yesterday Maney, LauRen, and I went to the Charlotte FC game and beforehand we went and got an appetizer and a drink. While we were walking to the Bank of America stadium, I had something in my contact. Now you know that feeling. Sometimes it’s just irritating but sometimes it stops you in your tracks and the entire world stops spinning until you get it figured out. Sometimes it’s as simple as closing your eyes and letting it pass, but other times you have to take the entire contact out and figure it out. Well, if I was in the privacy of my own home that wouldn’t be such an issue. We were in front of Bank of America stadium where over 40,000 people were waiting to get in. I took out my contact and because of the storms, the wind blew it away. Now don’t forget…without contacts I might as well be legally blind! So what did I do? Did I give up? Nope. I got down on my hands and knees and started looking for it. Was that gross? Totally. Don’t worry. I didn’t find it…

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