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Usually, when someone gets a “drastic” haircut, the people who see you on an everyday basis notice…eventually.

That’s not the case with Maney & LauRen!

Producer Nicole Blog

There’s been a few times when Maney, Roy, & LauRen have surprised me. Some have been a good surprise and others…not so much. Like when they forgot my 30th birthday, that’s a not-so-good surprise. But then one-time LauRen surprised me with a Justin Bieber calendar…talk about a good surprise! This time was just comical. If you don’t know anything about me, I’m very picky about my hair. I used to haveĀ super long hair. Actually, I’ve had super long hair all my life. Right after college, I decided to try a new hairstyle and I got myself an undercut. I had an undercut for years…over half a decade!

So back in 2020, I decided to take the jump and grow my undercut out. I just wanted to try something new. So I cut over a foot of hair and started the process.

Quite an obvious difference, right? Well…this is basically a redo of that exact situation, just a little less extreme! I cut my hair and started growing it back out towards the end of 2020. It’s now over halfway through 2022 and I got my first haircut since then. I didn’t get over a foot of hair cut off but I cut around 8 inches of hair. Another thing about me is I rarely EVER wear my hair down. When I cut it short the first time, as soon as I was able to pull my hair back into some sort of bun…I did. And I pretty much never wore it down again. That’s why it is so funny that Maney & LauRen didn’t notice this time because it is short enough again to where I can’t pull my hair back, so for 2 weeks I have been wearing my hair down around them, in and out of work!

Check out the hilarious exchange below: