DONE DEAL! And Vegas-style! First, we had a rumor – and court records obtained by TMZ – showing Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez filed for a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada, on Saturday night/Sunday morning. But now?  “Bennifer” has confirmed on JLo’s website about the legal union, and she has officially changed her last name!

If you listen to the show, you know I’m not the biggest Ben Affleck fan. I know he’s probably a great guy, but he’s not my favorite JLo sig other. I have my concerns/conspiracies about their recent nuptials. Like why were only Jenniffer’s kids and mom in attendance? Ben had no one there?

Now my skepticism doesn’t come out of nowhere. I used to interview JLo when I was a Miami Dolphins sideline reporter while I lived in Miami. I am not saying were besties or even know each other, but she was the sweetest, and I’d love to see her find her happily ever after, but I am just not sure it’s with Ben. I hope he proves all the nay-sayers, including me, wrong.

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