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Last week we were on vacation, and I had the opportunity to go see my first Aupair Elena in her hometown of Biella, Italy. We started in Lake Como and traveled around a good bit, but when we were in her city, she wanted to do something special with me. She wanted me to see a restaurant that her town was known for with an amazing view.

We pulled up and parked at this beautiful family own nature preserve and started walking up a pretty big hill on our way to the restaurant, but when we arrived and gave our name, the host informed us that we were at the wrong location. Our reservation was made for the restaurant at the TOP of the mountain.

After we scribbled directions on a napkin because our phones didn’t have service, we returned to the trail and headed UP! I was not prepared for the hike ahead. I thought we were just going up one hill, so I wore a sundress and flip-flops to this lunch!

The hike was harder than I thought it would be and it was incredibly hot outside but the quaint little restaurant was delicious and worth all the hard work!

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