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Did my dead mother try to contact us? My mom passed away in November of last year. She was super religious, and the sweetest person. She also a bit of Brooklyn NY in her, meaning if she wants to contact us from the afterlife she will do it!

This past week my amazing niece Shea turned 18. She was my mom’s first grandchild. They always had a special connection, but what happened on Friday, June 24th was freaky!

Shea was sleeping in…as any 18 year old would do. When she woke up she found a bunch of “Happy Birthday” texts and a miss call. The call was my from mom’s cellphone!! We turned that phone in and canceled the contract back in January. In fact, if you call the # it says “the number you dialed is not a working number…”

WTF man!

Legit, this is crazy. I always try and find a scientific explanation but this one I have to chalk up to “G” trying to wish her oldest granddaughter a happy birthday!

Check out the video from today’s show below.

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