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Pucker up, baby. August 25th is national kiss and make-up day! Are you in a fight with your lover? End it! Slap a big old wet lickery kiss on them and start off fresh. On this day, we forgive each other for past wrongs and renew our friendships, family ties, or romances. On this day, you should work on repairing relationships with your loved ones. This is a day to call your estranged brother, sister, parents, or old friend.

We’re all for some golden rules.

There’s nothing like first-hand experience to teach you what you really need to know, even in matters of the heart. A Reddit thread asks “What’s a golden rule you’ve learned in a relationship?” Thousands of people have shared the surprisingly simple lessons they’ve picked up and these are some of the best responses.

  • “Whenever I cook something/order takeout, even if my girlfriend says she doesn’t want anything, I cook/order extra because I know she’s gonna eat my food anyway.”
  • “Take time to cool off when you’re upset so you don’t say something stupid that you don’t mean.”
  • “When it comes to housework. You both should cook at least once a week each, nobody should be doing it 365 days a year. And cook together once a month.”
  • “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep your partner warm.”
  • “This was a hard one to learn. You want to do whatever you can to make them happy, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do, and it’s really hard to realize that.”
  • “They should complement your life, not complicate it.”
  • “Don’t forget who you are while dating someone.”
  • “If they can’t make time for you, intentional or not, they’re not the one.”
  • “Even if they treat you badly, never be the one to cheat. If you can’t take your current relationship and prefer someone else, at least have the guts to end it before moving to said person. Being cheated on hurts like h*ll.”
  • “Every time we’ve had an issue/roadblock, he always reminds me that we’re in it together – that I don’t have to think about a solution alone. It’s honestly the most comforting thing in the world. It brings me a ton of emotional security, knowing that he’s with me no matter what issue we’re facing.”
  • “It’s not your responsibility to fix your partner.”
  • “After 25 years of marriage… be honest. Yes, there may be a fight or hurt feelings. But honesty allows for explanation and communication. And surprisingly, after a couple of years, you start listening first and judging second… well most of the time anyway.”