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These are now Cheugy. Avoid them, but I will most likely still wear them.

Last night on date night, my girlfriend informed me that she sent me a TikTok that helps get jeans that are too tight to fit. She said, “if you see me in the shower with my jeans on…now you know why.” I immediately was so curious as to what she was talking about.

Because we’ve all been there. You buy a pair of cute jeans online or just don’t have time to try them on in the store and when you get them home, you’re devastated to find they’re too small. Sure, you could just return them, but many of us leave them hanging in the closet collecting dust, and just kick ourselves for getting the wrong size. But one woman is sharing what she claims is a game-changing trick that will let you wear them after all.

In the above video, Lily Schoknechts tells her followers about the old school hack that she learned from none other than her Nana. When Lily bought a pair of jeans that were too tight, she complained about it to her grandmother, who then asked if she’d showered in them yet. Of course, Lily hadn’t, because who wears jeans in the shower, but Nana told her to do it, then wear them around a bit to stretch them out before letting them air dry.

Lily is happy to report that she tried the hack and it was successful. She says Nana’s key piece of advice is to never put the jeans in the dryer again. It may seem doubtful this will work, but Lily says, “Trust the process.” And her followers on TikTok are now thanking Nana for passing down her wisdom.

When my girlfriend told me this yesterday it was right after we stuffed our faces with tacos and queso, so it looks like I know what I’ll be doing later today!