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BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 26: A Steward holds the losing cockroaches in Race 2 during Cockroach Racing at the Story Bridge Hotel which was held as part of Australia Day celebrations January 26, 2004 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Jonathan Wood/Getty Images)

The Bronx Zoo is bringing back its Name A Roach campaign for Valentine’s Day this year, giving zoo guests a chance to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach for $15, and they’re not the only zoo getting in on the fun. The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is bringing back their Name A Cockroach After Your Ex campaign.

It’s not just cockroaches; if you have an act of more active revenge in mind the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Pennsylvania will let you name a feeder cricket after your ex and then watch them be fed to the animals. If you’d like more variety, the San Antonio Zoo will let you name a cockroach, farm-frozen rat, or a veggie after an “ex-partner, boss, or bestie” that will then be fed to the animals. Happy Valentine’s Day!