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An accountant from Cleveland, Ohio, is getting lots of attention after changing her LinkedIn photo. Jessica Leonard is challenging the idea that tattoos are unprofessional by posting a new company headshot showing off her full sleeves of arm tattoos. In one image, her arms are covered by a blazer, but in the other, she’s wearing the same office attire without the blazer and her body art is on full display.

Last September, the 36-year-old left the traditional firm she worked for, where she felt like she couldn’t reveal her tattoos in team meetings or to clients without risking future promotions or opportunities. Leonard took a position as a partner at Evolution Capital Partners, a small business private equity firm and when it was time for new headshots, she did some wearing the jacket for the company website and then some without the jacket for herself.

She says she was nervous about posting the tattoo picture on LinkedIn, but her boss gave her the confidence boost she needed by telling her to be “loud and proud” about her ink. “It is the content of one’s character that is most important to us,” says Jeffrey Kadlic, founding partner of Evolution Capital Partners. “We see Jess for who she is and embrace all of her because she shares our core values and is a tremendous talent. At the end of the day, that is all that really matters.”

It seems a lot of people agree with him! Leonard has received over 30k reactions and thousands of comments on her LinkedIn post (see below).

Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA on LinkedIn: #inkedCPA #privateequity #accounting | 2485 comments

"I saw your new photo on LinkedIn showing your tattoos...I was a bit surprised. You're not going to use that as your bio photo in proposals, though, right... 2485 comments on LinkedIn

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