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I’ve been a Carolina Panthers fan my entire life. Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina…I’ve felt every single emotion as a Panthers fan. Never had I had an attachment to a Panther’s quarterback though. Maybe just because growing up I was too young, or quite honestly…they just weren’t Cam freaking Newton! When I first moved to Charlotte, I thought it was so cool that MRL had a personal relationship with Cam Newton. After meeting him, I was an even bigger fan because no matter what you may believe about him…he is an amazing guy off camera and behind the scenes. So this past year when he had his “Kicking it with Cam Celebrity Kickball Tournament” he came into the studios to do an interview, after the interview we were just chatting and tattoos got brought up. Maney blurted out…”Cam, draw something and Nicole will go get it tatted!” We said it initially as a joke, but then he drew his signature ‘1OVE” (1 love) on my wrist…and what did I do? I went over to my boy Skinny at Made To Last Tattoo in Uptown Charlotte and got it tatted! I loved saying I have a tattoo from the Panther’s QB but now…I have to say I have a tattoo from the Patriot’s QB. Ugh. I’ll miss you Cam!

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