Pets are a huge part of many families. I know my dog growing up was absolutely considered a family member, especially around the holidays. He had his own stocking as well as several gifts under the tree each year. But how common is it to buy gifts for your pets? The team at WeThrift polled over 1k pet owners to reveal how they plan to celebrate the holiday season with their furry friends.According to WeThrift Interesting Findings include:

  • 47% of dog owners at 41% of cat owners buy holiday/Christmas gifts for their pets, spending an average of $90 on their pets during the holidays
  • Pet owners spend more money on their pets during the holiday season than the rest of the year
  • In general pet owners spend an average of $837/year on their pets
    • $895 for dog owners and $751 for cat owners
  • Over 40% of pet owners say owning a pet is more expensive than they anticipated

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