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A mom in Florida who’s been volunteering at her kids’ school for the last five years has just been told she can’t do it anymore and she’s not taking it lightly. Victoria “Snooks” Triece claims she was recently informed she’s being barred as a volunteer, not for anything she did on campus, but what she does in her free time. It seems the school district isn’t a fan of her racy OnlyFans account.

The 30-year-old has two kids at Sand Lake Elementary and after passing a background check, she’s been helping out there for years. But that all came to a stop when a “concerned parent” sent an anonymous letter to Orange County Public Schools, outing her OnlyFans modeling. Triece says she’s been on the site for more than two years and has never tried to hide it. “Nobody has the right to judge what other people do for a living,” she explained at a press conference.“I feel judged, and so isolated.”

Triece was “stripped” of the chance to “participate in her children’s lives with no legal or constitutional justification,” her attorney, Mark NeJam, says. “What happened is somebody who took the posture of being a moral guardian wrote a letter to the school and without notice she was unceremoniously dumped from being a volunteer.” Now she says she feels “humiliated” that someone felt the need to expose her online presence and she’s threatening to sue the school district for $1-million.

Source: New York Post