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For all the recent “sightings” reported around the country, the search for Brian Laundrie is officially over.

Much to the sadness of my co-hosts LauRen and Producer Nicole. They wanted him to face trial.

The FBI is confirming that human remains found at a Florida nature reserve are those of Laundrie. The FBI says they made the confirmation with dental records.

According to reports, the FBI told Laundrie’s parents at their home in Florida. Of course, police have been searching for him as a person of interest in the Gabby Petito homicide for over a month.
Laundrie’s parents told police weeks ago their son had gone hiking in the 24-thousand acre, alligator-infested Carlton Reserve nearly a month ago.

That’s around the time Petito’s body was found near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. He was never charged with her murder, but rather for using her credit cards. Laundrie’s manner of death could be revealed as soon as today.

  • As for the Laundrie family reaction, family attorney Steven Bertolino is lashing out about the conspiracy theories surrounding the family – and the protests they’re facing. “They’re extremely upset,” he tells NewsNation. “And for some unknown reason, there are still people outside of their home. They’re yelling and screaming and causing a ruckus, which any parent grieving the loss of a child should not have to deal with.”

Sad ending to a very sad story.

Source: New York Times